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Company will provide a full range of technical training during the equipment delivery, including camera optical principles, oblique photography principles, aerial survey camera composition and usage, shooting parameter settings, flight planning, operation checking process, image pre-processing, inertial guide solving, 3D modeling, and other related knowledge. The training content is designed for field personnel with purpose of practical operation, covering a wide range of content, but the way of explanation is depth and easy to understand.

During the operation, we can also provide on-site support, remote assistance via the internet, and cloud-based data processing as technical support, as needed. If necessary, the company can provide backup cameras or backup aerial survey instruments to ensure the progress of customer projects. In addition, the company offers lifelong calibration services for aerial survey camera and aiming line calibration support to ensure the accuracy and data processing efficiency of the instruments.

  • Customized Services

    1. Multi-source remote sensing system development

    2. Oblique camera system development

    3. UAV aerial camera development

  • Pre-Sales Services

    1. Product Introductions

    2. Aerial  Remote Sensing Technology Consulting

    3. Introduction To The Basic Principles Of Oblique Photography

    4. Aerial Survey Software Introduction

    5. Application Cases

  • After-sales Services

    1. Technical Training

    2. Parameter Settings Of Aerial Camera

    3. Analysis of Common Problem 

    4. Solutions to Common Problems

    5. Equipment Maintenance and Repair

  • Data Processing

    1. Aerial Photography Data Checking

    2. POS Computation

    3. Image Post-processing

    4. Image Matching