The WARP OMNI  aerial camera is a revolutionary and versatile device developed by Stellar-Vision in response to new mapping demands. It not only incorporates all the advantages of large oblique aerial cameras but also achieves exponential improvements in key indicators. It can be used in various fields, including realistic 3D modeling, surveying, land survey, emergency response, agriculture and forestry ecology, and so on, making it particularly suitable for security applications with high requirements for normalization and timeliness.

Combining the technical expertise from Stellar Vision's large-scale unmanned aerial survey products, the WARP OMNI significantly enhances equipment automation, user-friendliness, applicability, and flexibility. For many applications, relative changes are more important than absolute values. Such applications rely on the availability of regularly collected images as well as accurate geometric, spectral and radiometric information. Consequently, data collection needs to be comprehensive and fast, capturing high-resolution snapshots of large areas quickly and routinely.