Our fast-changing world demands aerial cameras that are more productive, versatile and cost effective. The WARP Omni (Wide Adjustable Rotation and Pitch) convertible camera is engineered to be highly competitive with satellite and UAV imaging, allowing you to leverage your expertise in aerial mapping for a broader range of applications. 

Nowadays, aerial images have become essential for various applications beyond just mapping. They are utilized in big data engines to influence multiple aspects of our daily lives, from city planning to agriculture and ecological environment protection. Images have evolved from raw input to valuable end products. In online maps, the map itself changes minimally, but overlay images are updated periodically.

For many applications, relative changes are more important than absolute values. Such applications rely on the availability of regularly collected images as well as accurate geometric, spectral and radiometric information. Consequently, data collection needs to be comprehensive and fast, capturing high-resolution snapshots of large areas quickly and routinely.Stellar Vision's Aerial Camera is equipped with a wide range of image acquisition devices, which can generate a rich variety of data with excellent quality for customer.