The transformative WARP Omni oblique camera system contains up to 7 large frame metric sensors with a total of 1050 megapixels. It further doubles number of oblique views and nadir frame size through operation modes tailored for wide range of applications.

  • Modular design, compact structure, and complete functions

  • Total 1.05 billion pixels, ensuring higher efficiency and faster processing

  • Supports various flight platforms such as fixed-wing and helicopter

  • High-precision inertial measurement unit

  • Retractable camera to avoid collisions with the platform

  • Complete workflow from mission planning to post-processing

  • Convenient installation and one-man operation

  • Full functionality with both nadir and oblique cameras


  • Oblique views doubled through fast and precise sensor pod rotation.

  • Two ways to double the nadir frame size.

  • Highly integrated and fully automatic.

  • Ideal for capturing large areas quickly.

  • 3D reality capture, area or corridor mapping, ISR operations.

  • Larger FOV provides better match for working with airborn Lidar.

  • Compact, sensor pod weight around 30Kg.

  • Fits fixed wing aircrafts, helicopters and even drones.

  • Multiple sensor and lens configuration avilable.

Successful Case

Tested and Proven

 Since 2022, the WARP Omni has completed imaging of tens of thousands of square kilometres for diverse and challenging real-world projects including 3D terrain imaging, 3D city modelling and railroad planning. Operations ranging from 500m AGL at 100kt to over 8,000m at 240kt, and with airborne Lidar and spectral sensors, prove its efficiency, versatility, accuracy and reliability.